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Teaming with legaldifferentTM is Simple, Effective and Convenient.

Our risk-free INSTANT access doesn’t require any long-term commitment from you.

You have a business or legal concern and you need an answer, NOW. To get instant access to the help that you need, simply send us an e-mail, text or give us a call. We’re available when you need us.

Have you checked your boxes?

  • INSTANT access to business and legal professionals
  • Budget certainty
  • Available on your terms, when you need us, crisis or routine
  • Simple, convenient, easy
  • For your peace of mind
  • Help for your short and long term plans
  • You focus on your business
  • Why pay lawyers and other professionals by the hour, if you don’t have to?
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legaldifferent™ has one goal. That is, to provide you with the peace of mind that your business and legal questions are being addressed promptly, so that you can focus on running your business, without doubting whether you are operating on sound business and legal grounds.

What We Do

legaldifferent™ works seamlessly with your team to address the operational challenges that you face virtually every day. Addressing your needs in a larger business context, helping you navigate the specific issue without losing sight of the big picture, including your bottom line.

Cooperation with Lawyers You Know

As a small business owner you know at least one lawyer, usually more than one. You may even call them once in a while for help. But you probably don’t call them as often as you should because you do not want to get a bill for the call. legaldifferent™ is not trying to replace the lawyers you know. In fact legaldifferent™ sometimes works with the lawyers you know in a cooperative way that saves you both time and money, giving you added peace of mind. You won’t get a bill for the phone call, or the call tomorrow or the next day. All of the calls are covered by your subscription.


One annual subscription. 365 days of help for your small business. Peace of mind everyday.

How Much Does It Cost?

For unlimited answers to unlimited questions, simply pay $365 for an annual subscription (thats $1 per day.) To use this membership, simply text, email or call us with your questions.

For an extended services membership beyond just answers to questions, simply pay $1500 for 30 days of unlimited services (thats $50 per day.) To initiate this membership, simply email us with details.

Both memberships are renewable.

unlimited questions
extended services
no long-term contract
no hourly billing
no blank checks

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Whose Idea Was This Anyway?

An AV-rated lawyer, who has been distinguished in the publication “Best Lawyers in America”, founded legaldifferent™. He has represented Fortune 500 companies and sole proprietors as well as virtually every kind of company in between. Over the course of that representation, he began to notice that small businesses were woefully under-served when it comes to business expertise. So, ultimately, he chose to develop a company that could help those small businesses gain the advantages that large companies have, especially as those advantages relate to legal issues.

He noted that large companies typically have lawyers on their payroll, along with the large salaries and employee benefits that their in-house lawyers can command. But, small companies simply can’t afford that. When the big company has a legal challenge, a member of their management team simply walks down the hall to their in-house counsel’s office and delegates the matter to their attention. Small companies can’t do that.

What do small companies typically do? Small companies generally have three choices. First, they can contact one of the many lawyers that they know. Once that contact begins, chances are that the lawyer’s hourly billing has begun and the clock is on. Second, they can try to use the many resources available to them these days. In other words, they can Google it. That is always an option, if they have the time to perform that search, they know what to look for and they can understand what they found, if they find anything. Last, they can do nothing and hope for the best.

Now, small businesses have another option. Do business and legal differently.  Hire legaldifferent™.

“Peace of mind is essential in life,
it’s not a luxury.”

– Charlie Williams, Founder

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