Lead Entrepreneurial Teams Successfully

Lead Entrepreneurial Teams Successfully

Whether a small business with a single manager, or a medium-size company with a management team and multiple employees, building a business will always have its risks and challenges. However, putting together the right team to complement and reinforce your business’ growth objectives allows for a more efficient, capable business and less stress.

Here are some questions to consider when building a team:

What activities will effectively drive the team toward the end goals?

What tasks need to be performed to accomplish those goals?

What expertise and skills are required for team members to perform those tasks?

Entrepreneurship is going for growth that is bigger than one person can achieve on their own. It is not your job to reach the goal on your own, but rather to build a team that will collectively help you reach the goal.

According to Phillip Kingston, an Entrepreneur contributor, there are seven steps to rising above challenges and leading an entrepreneurial team. These steps include:

1. Lead with purpose.

All tasks performed by a business and its management team should focus on a common purpose without setbacks.

2. Express your vision, regularly.

When one is able to repeatedly articulate their vision often and well, it opens up the team to a multitude of possibilities.

3. Be willing to listen.

Listen to the collective wisdom and experiences from the team.

4. Know when to innovate.

Anticipate trends and shifts by listening to your team and consumers

5. Manage the existing resources.

Take advantage of the unique strengths each team member offers.

6. Be quick to decide in uncertain times.

In times of uncertainty, the ability to make well-informed decisions is key.

7. Attract the top talent.

Give people a reason to stay by communicating benefits and opportunities for professional growth.

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